Publications and Research

Alpha Z Futures Fund LLC is managed by Alpha Z Advisors, LLC. The Manager benefits from a unique combination of world-class academic research and practical industry experience contributed by Dr. Ziemba, the Chief Investment Officer. Dr. Ziemba is a distinguished academic and a recognized leader in quantitative financial analysis. His numerous research contributions have appeared in books and prestigious publications and journals, and his past consulting work has included pension planning and hedge funds, scenario-based risk management and hedge fund performance analysis.

Publications : Books, White Papers, Journals, and News articles


Research : This is a list of Kelly and related research, some of these are available for download; for the others, please email  us.

Gergaud, O., Ziemba, W.T. (2012) Great investors: their methods, results and evaluation, Journal of Portfolio Management, Summer, in pressDownload

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Lleo, S., Ziemba, W.T. (2012) Stock market crashes in 2007-2009:  were we able to predict them? Technical Report, 30 pages Download

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